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No where near quota

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 1:11 pm
by sewsforfun
I had only 5 pictures loaded and it tells me I have hit my quota. I see other people are having the same problem. Its starting again.....

With the board growing more and more and more people loading photos and files I fear we are in for another crash. Has there been any talk deleting some old pictures 2005 or maybe doing like some other boards are doing and having the members use photobucket for posting pictures? Also addressing the size issue of the photos, I know some are so huge you cant even see it, you have to scan all over the screen to see the pictures.

Maybe a suggestion and I know many wont like my suggestion but its must a suggestion to help and try to avoid another crash. I know in the Free Section you cant have photobucket host a file so maybe have just the JPEG upload feature in that section turned on and turn off the feature in the show off section and have the members use Photobucket or Webshots or some other free online host for the pictures and then the members can create a HTML code so the pictures will show up in the post. I have been doing this more and more. Many here do that already to try and save on another meltdown. But the new members may not know about photobucket and others, its very simple. Also they may not know about picture sizing. The larger the picture the more MB it eats up and the total forum has a limit.

This is what happen before we crashed last time. People started having trouble loading pictures and were getting the quota limit notice.

Thank you for your time.

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:56 pm
by aussiecarolyn
These things seem to happen at the busy times :(
It is morning here for me and hopefully I will have time later in my day to post more detailed instructions of how members
can remove some of their photos to free up space on the forum.

In the meantime basically members profile icon accessed via a post NOT from the top of the page
this is where members may delete older photos it is termed
User Attachment Control Panel

Members needing more detailed instructions - please check back to this area later

I am presuming that by removing photos now may take time for the free space to become available as it may not take affect
until the daily back up occurs in the wee hours.

Members help is appreciated - please all reading this try to remove some photos.

Photos removed will still have the post - just minus photos - moderators will then have to remove each post, I apologise here in advance in case some members posts that are using photobucket type hosts for their photos are removed as these show as postings without a paperclip - we will endeavour not to remove these.

Thanks also sewsforfun for your suggestions and concerns for the Sewforum

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 12:55 am
by aussiecarolyn

(A)Click on your own members name any post, then click on the profile icon at the bottom of your post,
this will take you to your profile and then click on the User Attachment Control Panel
(B)Another way to your profile area is at the very bottom of the Forum Index
Locate your name own amongst the Registered Users:
Clicking on that will take you to your profile and then click on the
User Attachment Control Panel
(DO NOT use the Profile option at the top of the page )

You may at this stage care to take note of your usual photo upload sizes. Located under the column titled Size (KB)
you should be able to size each photo to under 100kb and preferable under 50kb
It is kb size ( not dimension ) that makes loading/viewing slower for our many dial-up members as well as using the forum allocated space

Columns titled Filename and Posted in Topic
Show the Photos names and Topics - if 5 photos were attached then it will be displayed as 5 lines - each will need the Delete box clicked on.
Once you have clicked on and the little black tick appears, then scroll to the bottom and click on Delete marked

Photos are now removed from your topics.
The text part will remain and any reply posts until moderators remove the whole topic - when time permits.

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:58 am
by CajunQuilter
AussieCarolyn and SewBeaIt are going to look into this in the coming week for us so we avoid a meltdown again.